Homemade Recipe For Lip Gloss

If you’re looking for a recipe for homemade lip gloss, you will do well to check out the quick funny video clip below.

My wife hates lipstick. Not that she wears much makeup on a regular basis anyway. But lipstick is a turn-off, so lip gloss is her thing for dressing her lips now. As for negativity toward lipstick, the way it looks and feels turns her off, and she had always struggled to find a shade and sheen that looked really good on her. Those days are long over. She gave up lipstick a long time ago. She’s fine with the color of her lips, but there are days when she looks pale and drawn and the gloss makes her face come alive. And she feels better as a result. The right lip gloss adds just a bit of color without making you look overly made up.

Compared to lipstick, lip gloss never fails to go on quickly and easily. Try putting on lipstick without a mirror for example. Lip gloss can go on using the tip of your finger and you never worry that it’s going in the wrong place, like above your lip or on your teeth. Try putting lipstick on in a moving car! And if you’re applying clear gloss, you have almost nothing to worry about as far as where it goes.

Another huge advantage lip gloss has over lipstick is that it’s more portable. Ever have lipstick melt in your purse on a hot day? Ask my wife. A nasty gooey mess in that little tube. Lip gloss stays nicely in its container or squeeze tube and melting isn’t a problem since it’s already a liquid. It can help moisturize and soften your lips too, like any good lip balm. And it gives your lips a healthy shine and enhances the natural beauty of almost any face.

Perhaps best of all from a cosmetic point of view, according to my wife, is that with lip gloss you don’t have to fuss about with the color too much. You can get several different colors and the shade will naturally blend in with your lip color. An unnatural color won’t work well of course, but you should be able to find a nice shade of red. To go pink, the result will depend both on how much lip gloss you put on and the natural color of your lips. The bottom line is that it’s an easy way to get some color without having to fuss with it constantly.

You can get lip gloss almost anywhere cosmetics are sold: Online, department stores, grocery stores, pharmacies. Or, you might want to try making your own. Homemade lip gloss might be the way to go if you can just find the right recipe. You can avoid all sorts of nasty chemicals that go into commercial products. You’ll know exactly what’s in your lip gloss since you make it yourself. Here’s a funny video courtesy of the Chasers. You might just pick up a thing or two from this when trying to make your own lip gloss at home.

There you have it: A homemade lip gloss recipe that’s quick and easy to make and easy to put on!

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