Kodak Disposable Camera | Quick and Cheap Alternative To Your Regular Digital Camera

Having a Kodak disposable camera at the ready makes for cheap insurance when you want to leave behind your more expensive and more complex regular digital camera. Maybe you always want to have a camera with you, say in the glove box of your car so you can be ready to capture an unexpected scene. You certainly don’t want to keep your fancy pricey digital still camera in your car at all times. Even if you have a Kodak black and white disposable camera in your vehicle, it can be more than adequate to takes pictures of the scene in case you’re in an auto accident. On another note, perhaps you’re just super budget consciences. You sure can’t beat the price of $8-$12 for a disposable camera by Kodak and others. In the big world of photography, there’s room for you too! Read the rest of this entry »

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