Improv Everywhere Twins on New York Subway in Human Mirror Prank Video

Fifteen sets of identical twins ride a New York subway car and form a human mirror in a carefully and professionally staged prank from Improv Everywhere and it’s all on video.

Do identical twins drive you nuts? Is it unnerving to you not being able to tell one twin from the other? Imagine being on a New York subway car and discovering not just one set of twins but fifteen sets of identical twins, with each sibling sitting directly opposite the other and each one mirroring what the other does. That’s the point of this human mirror prank in a New York subway car as you will see in this hilarious video. Do you think if you were in that subway car and witnessed this human mirror trick that you would go crazy, or at least think you were going crazy?

Improv Everywhere, the organziation that puts on these elaborate public pranks is at it again with this one. The whole human mirror idea is quite fascinating. It’s almost as if the one twin knows exactly what the other twin is thinking or is going to do next in terms of moving their body.

Watch this video and note the funny reactions from the other subway riders!

How about that? A bunch of twins on a subway car fooling the masses with their human mirror prank captured on video from Improv Everywhere!

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